Our Zuchon Babies

Cavern Hill wants our babies to join your family healthy, happy and well adjusted. We begin our "First Steps" training with your baby at about 5 weeks of age.  They begin to learn simple commands like come, sit, shhhh, go potty  Your baby will have the understanding of sleeping in his/her kennel (Crate). Please take your puppy to your vet during the first 7 days after you have picked him/her up. If in the event your vet finds a life threatening illness with your baby, please ask your vet to supply all health related papers to confirm his/her findings along with the vet organization he /she is apart containing all contact information. We will refund your monies or another puppy given. See our contract for more details. We at Cavern Hill also provide a "Life Long" policy. If for any reason you can no longer care for you puppy/dog you can return him/her to us in good health and with all original paper work and all health records.   We ask that you take you puppy/dog for a complete health exam with in 3 days of returning him/her. Because we want to protect our babies on site, we need a letter form your vet on their letter head stating results of this exam and that he/she is in good health.     If in the event he/she should become sick before he/she is picked up and we are unable to provide you with a puppy, the deposit would be refunded or the choice of another puppy form our next litter given.      


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