Our Zuchon Babies

From time to time we are looking for warm loving, compassionate, understanding families who are also looking for a loving adult companion who will be devoted to them.

Our very handsome boy, "ROCKY" is looking for his forever family. "Rocky" is a double registered Zuchon. He is out of Golden Boy JJ and Melody of Cavern Hill White Light. His birthday is June 30, 2012. He has energy and loves people and at the same time will settle down for a nap with you. Rocky has been our stud for the past 2 years. He has exquisite body conformation. He is Daddy to some of the BEST babies we have had! His last litter is being born December 2015. As  our line begins to grow we must change the DNA and keep it pure for the healthiest babies. "ROCKY" is a wonderful boy and would love a family that would take him on long walks/runs. 

ROCKY is one very lucky and very happy boy! He is now living in Arlington, Va. with his new forever family! Thank you Joelle for loving our Rocky!

Thank you so much to Joanne and Cheryl for giving such a loving home to our sweet little Ariel. She was been retired from our breeding program in September 2021. Ariel was a wonderful loving and caring momma! Here at Cavern Hill we all ready miss her! Love you Ariel!!!!!

"Collin" is a triple registered Bichon. He is very sweet. Collin has been the daddy to our litters for the past 8 years. He is healthy, been neutered, has all his shots and just loves to hang out with you. He likes to watch movies! :) We would like to have him stay with in a few hours of the DC area so we can help with the transition to his new home. He loves belly rubs!!!!! Such a very sweet boy! Collin has been adopted by a wonderful gentleman in Midlothian, Va. Collin is such a happy boy! Thank you Craig!

"GINZA" is a very special little mommy! She has had gorgeous babies and we feel she is now ready to go to her FOREVER home! "Ginza" is a double registered Shih Tzu. She is five, very healthy, loves people and knows her commands.  Up to date on her shots.  We are looking for a home that will pamper "Ginza" for the rest of her life! She sooooo deserves it! Ginza too loves belly rubs. What a sweetheart!!!!! 

"Ginza" is enjoying being pampered by her forever family in Frederick, Md. She is one very happy and lucky little girl! Thank you Jenny and Jim!

Adult Dog Adoption Application: 

Cavern Hill Adult Adoption Contract

2506 Isaac’s Ridge

Morganton, NC 28655


We at Cavern Hill Zuchons want only the very best for our animals. Our adults have been a very important part of our breeding program. Once we place our adults for adoption, it is very very important that our new forever families understand that these wonderful pets need love, patience and understanding while they adjust to their new environment and family. Often our dogs have been here since birth. But it is now time for them to be pampered and loved in a way that we can not because of our breeding program. 

Cavern Hill asks that each family treat their new adult dog as if he was a puppy entering their home. This allows the dog to become familiar with you and your routine. It also takes away any expectation of the new family to expect anything form their new dog until he has become accustom to them and their household. 

Male dogs who have been used for a stud have a very high sense of smell. So for the first 30 days you must treat him lovingly, watch his body language, just as if he was a puppy and give him the command “potty” when he needs to go outside/walked.

Female adult dogs have been trained but are still very sensitive to different smells and likewise need to be watched carefully for 30 days and given the command “potty” and let outside or walked.

Once our dogs learn and understand how very important they are to you and your family, they will love you forever! But it does take some time. 

None of our dogs have ever offered to bit. Please treat them with the respect they deserve and they will love you forever!

“______________” our dogs are real sweethearts! She/he is very loyal and loving. ____________ loves to lay on the sofa and watch TV with you in the evenings. She/he sleeps in her/his “kennel” at night. I am sure in time you can transition her/him to sleep anywhere. 

Besides the commands “potty” and “kennel” we also use the words “outside”, “walk” and “treat” for an occasional treat, come and stay.

_______________ is being being adopted for a non-refundable fee of $800.00 plus her spay. She/he well come with their  kennel and any up to date shot records. A $300 non-refundable deposit is to accompany this contract. She/he will be ready for adoption after their last litter in the spring/summer.

Your Philosophy for Owning and Caring for an adult dog, please include any details you would like to share about your family, home and yard below:





Additional Information you may like to share:

New Owner:______________________________________________Date ____


Amount of sale: $800.00 + spay.  Health records, shots and kennel are included. We will add toys if they have  favorites.

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