Our Zuchon Babies

Important Information about the ZUCHON Breed!About Zuchons………

We have recently retired to Morgantown, NC.  which is part of the Charlotte area.  Most families like to come and visit our home and see where their new baby spent his/ her first few weeks of life, meet parents and grandparents. You are always welcome to do that. We live in a beautiful area with lots of outside things to do and of course the arts of Charlotte.


This breed is such a healthy one. Zuchons are the Hybrid between the AKC Bichon Frise and the AKC Shih Tzu. We bred Shih Tzu’s for many years. When I found out about the Zuchons we were very excited about the possibility of taking the best of what I  had spent years in developing my individual line and creating the best of the best in Zuchons.  There has been some confusion about this breed. An F1 is 50% Bichon and 50% Shih Tzu. In order to produce the healthiest offspring you must breed out the undesirable traits of each breed mentioned above. To accomplish this a responsible breeder must look for the health, conformation and personality of each dog. This means you are going into the genetics or heredity and variation of inherited characteristics of each breed. The only way to accomplish this is breeding the best of your line producing F2’s, F3’s and so on. This  is referred to as the quantitive genetics of continuous traits. That was almost 17 years ago. We have wonderful healthy Zuchons that come with a health guar., a kennel if you need one, 3/5 generation pedigree, health records, information on the babies first 8/10 weeks of life, complete with all the directions you need about your puppies daily routine,  blanket and a toy. Your baby has had one/two vet appointments, which includes health, examine, there shots, worming and a 100% clean health record from any serious health issues. Our puppies are F1's ~ F7’s.  Always be aware of babies coming from puppy mills. The Internet is full of these. Many are in the mid-west and Pa. Our babies are raised in our home with our children and grandchildren. They already have begun their "First Steps" training. This included the basic commands of come, stay and "shh" which tell them to be quiet in their kennels at night. 


This breed is great with seniors and children and love other dogs and cats. But you do need to be careful with bigger animals since these babies on an average, only get to be between 8 and 14 lbs. They are bred to give you love and happiness. Zuchons love to travel, start this early to avoid car sickness. They are a lap dog and love to please you so training is easy. I would suggest you get a good puppy-training book as they explain the "whys" of proper training. Expect to spend about 2 months, giving your baby time to adjust, and learning the commands that will make your life easier and keep your baby safe and happy! 

Being consistent and loving with your training is key!!!!!


Thanks Again,


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