Our Zuchon Babies

Spring and Early Summer Babies coming soon! Call now and be one of the first to place your order to have the perfect baby for your family!!!!

These little girls and boys are just precious and have a beautiful conformation!  Don't wait call today.

karen brinke

Sun, Sep 12, 7:45 PM (6 days ago)


It was wonderful meeting you and seeing your lovely home. Thought I would send you an update on little miss Dalia. Her visit to the vet went very well and they were most impressed with the information you included in the packet. She weighed 2.4 pounds and is scheduled for her next round of shots in about 3 weeks. 

Dalia is adjusting to her new home very well. As a she has become more comfortable, her personality has shone forth! She is very playful, energetic and inquisitive, but also very loving. She has adjusted to her play pen very well. In other words, we think she is perfect!

One question…how much should she be eating now? I am leaving food out for her all day, but she eats no more than one third cup a day. She seems to be satisfied and her bathroom habits are normal. 

Thanks again for raising such a cutie!


 Our babies are playing and sure love attention!!!!! At 2 ~ 4 1/2 weeks old, eyes are open, tails are wagging, and they just had solid food for the very first time.

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