Our Zuchon Babies



Hi Carolyn,


Thank you so much for the pictures of our new addition "Mindy". It is so nice to be able to watch her growth from birth until the time we can bring her home. She's  adorable and we can't wait. We are all so excited! It will be so great for her big sister "Emma" to have a playmate and it is so cool that they have the same Mom and Dad. They will truly be sister.

Emma is such a wonderful dog. She really loves playtime  but will also always snuggleanytime someone feels like snuggling with her. She's such a pretty little girl and so smart. She was so easy to house train, especially when we figured out that she was trying to tell us she had to go out by pacing back and forth in front of the glass doors on our entertainment center. I was pretty sure you had sliding glass doors leading outside, but it was still comical to us when you confirmed it almost two years later. We could tell she received a lot of love and attention during her first couple months of life because she was very friendly and comfortable with everyone from day one.

We have never had any health problems with Emma. She really did aquire the best traits from both parents. Soooo, my family has become great fans of Zuchons. Your husband was absolutely right. They're the perfect dog in every way. We love Emma so much and could not be happier except when we get to bring Mindy home

Thank you so much for our girls!!! 


Sue, Steve, and Cheyenne Herrmann





 Dear Carolyn,

I am writing to tell you that I have owned many dogs, and have bred a few too, but your puppy, now mine, is by far the most well adjusted pup I have ever met. He was a joy on the ride home, (even stuck in heavy traffic for an extra 1  1/2 hrs) even ate his dinner and peed on the paper you provided.  That first night I put him in the crate and covered it with a light blanket, told him shhhhhhh and he slept through the night without a peep till 7. Then I put him in our x-pen and he peed and pooped. He has the best temperament and funny disposition and it seems as if he's been ours from day one.  He, is eager to please and learned to sit in one day.  Second night was the same. He has a wonderful recall, no matter who calls him. Thank YOU for that. He is wonderful with my 3 and 2 year old grandchildren, running after them and playing tug of war with their socks! I took him to my Vet today and he's up to 3 lbs at 9 weeks and she was very impressed with his good health. (And his pedigree and registration). I am so lucky to have called you at the perfect time. We are so thrilled with our new baby. Thank you again and again. I have absolutely no qualms about referring you to the world !

Linda and Jim Black. May 2015


Dear Carolyn,

Our family is so incredibly in love with our new puppy, Brady we purchased from Cavern Hill Zuchons. He has brought our family so much joy already and he's only 6 months old!

We cannot express our gratitude for your willingness and ability to arrange for Brady's delivery to our house on Cape Cod on Christmas Eve for my daughter who has several health issues.

We would also like to mention that Brady is the most lovable, intelligent an loyal puppy. His vet said he is extremely healthy as well.

Someday, we may want to get Brady a brother or sister and the Zuchon is the only breed for us!

Thank you so much!


the Cooney Family


Fantastic breeder that cares deeply about her Zuchons and future puppy owners. Carolyn sends photos of your pup from birth until its time for pick up. Puppy is very happy and healthy and came with loads of information for a smooth transition into a new home. She has also been very responsive to any questions. I would highly recommend Carolyn and one of her adorable pups.

Feb. 2, 2019

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