Our Zuchon Babies


Q - Are our babies registered?


Q- How do you estimate a puppy's future weight?
To get a close estimate of the future adult weight of a puppy
triple there weight at 81/2 weeks of age,

 Q- Does the $500 deposit I place on my Zuchon Baby 
go toward the final cost? Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, the final balance due will have your $500 deposit deducted from your total cost.
We do have a payment plan, we except Visa and Master Charge and offer Pay Pal. There is a charge of $20 for these services. Babies can be paid on monthly.

Your baby must be paid for in full before you pick him/her up, or before he/she is shipped.

Q- What do you guarantee?
All our puppies come with a Health Guarantee.
The new family has five business days from the date which the puppy goes home to have the health of there puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. All sales are final and non-refundable for any reason except for a life threatening illness and/or life threatening genetic defect identified and described in writing by a licensed veterinarian within five business days. The Seller's liability is limited to the original purchase price of the puppy. For a full refund, a letter from a licensed veterinarian, the puppy, all papers, kennel etc... and all information must be returned to the Seller. Once the puppy leaves the Seller, the new family is responsible for all expenses, medical and shipping. We do give our pup's flea prevention baths weekly, as well as deworming, facial grooming, and at least two sets of shots and First Steps training. We love our babies and only want the very best for them!!!! We want you and your family to fall in love with your Zuchon baby. Cavern Hill does provide Health Insurance if you request by the time your baby is six (6) weeks old.

Q- What do I Feed My Puppy?
Your Zuchon baby will come complete with a "Puppy Book" from his/her birthday to the day you bring him/her home. This includes feeding instructions, health records, when he/she opened there eyes, got there first tooth, saw the beautiful outdoors etc.........


Q- What do I Want, a Boy or a Girl?
Within the Zuchon breed a boy or a girl is not the question you want to ask, but rather you want to match the puppies personality to your  family's lifestyle. If you have active children then choose a puppy who loves and thrives on that activity. A senior might better enjoy a baby with a more timid personality! We here at Cavern Hill will help you make that decision. We know our babies and will recommend a perfect Zuchon puppy for your family!



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