Our Zuchon Babies

Welcome to our site:  Zuchon Babies are Perfect for Your Family!!!!

 We are now taking deposits for our Spring/Summer 2017 babies. We currently have Five Contracts so if you want one of our babies contact us soon. Call Today for all the details! 


 Cavern Hill Zuchons Welcomes You! Our babies are registered with ACHC and AZKC, they are the healthiest you can find!!!!! Some of our parents are triple or quadruple registered with ACHC, AZKC, AKC and NAPDR.

Our Babies are the most lovable, healthiest and  intelligent you can find anywhere! They are registered and come with a three/five generation pedigree. Please allow us the time to answer your questions. We want to help you find the perfect baby that fits into your family and lifestyle! 

 We love our babies and that shows in the quality puppy that joins your family.

 At Cavern Hill Zuchons we pride ourselves on our line we have worked on developing for over 32 years. Our puppies are raised underfoot in our home. They are non-shedding, well adjusted, lovable, and intelligent little balls of energy that can settle down to a nap in your lap as fast as they can play and chase you all over the house.This breed is GREAT for an active family, as well as for a retired single or couple. They love cats and are wonderful apartment dwellers. The Zuchons needs daily grooming and loves to take walks. They are a wonderful traveling companion.

 Out of the top 10 best hypoallergenic dog breeds, Bichon Frise is # 10 and the Shih Tzu is # 6. The combination of these two make up the very very healthy, intelligent and loving little lap baby the ZUCHONS!

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